RO-M W PRO – for spreading in hilly conditions

RO-M W PRO – for spreading in hilly conditions

The new Vicon RO-M W PRO spreader model is the ideal weighing spreader for precise spreading in hilly conditions. With a maximum volume of 2800 litres, this spreader is the perfect partner for the medium market segment of arable farms or mixed farms.  

Precision weighing

The RO-M W PRO disc spreader consist with a heavy duty frame including 4 load cells and reference sensor which is developed for intensive use of the spreader. The technology has already been proved on the RO-EDW disc spreader.

The reference sensor, the weighing system of the RO-M W PRO will correct automatically on slopes and for shocks. Therefore the disc spreader can work with high accuracy on rough terrains and in hilly conditions. The reference sensor measures at all times the weight transfer due to the bumps, speed changes and inclination of the spreader. It is constantly monitoring the information of the 4 load cells.

Get your yield optimised

With the Basic Section Control software on the RO-M W PRO weighing spreader, the number of sections will be increased from 2 standard wide sections (left and right) into an even number of 4 metre sections. The spreader is equipped with one electrical actuator on each spreading disc to control the application rate to provide optimal use of nutrients to the grass or crops. The Basic Section Control adjusts the dosing system by a GPS positioning system to optimise overlap and coverage with a minimum over and under dosing. This results in a better yield and a reduction of costs.

Clear benefits

The Vicon RO-M W PRO is fully ISOBUS compatible as a standard, which means easy plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ and PRO or any other AEF certified (tractor) terminal. User convenience can be increased with accessories like the IsoMatch Grip, IsoMatch Global and IsoMatch InLine.

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