Major update of IsoMatch FarmCentre

Major update of IsoMatch FarmCentre

Know exactly what’s happening on your farm with the new IsoMatch FarmCentre

Today’s farming has evolved from individual craftsmanship to precision agriculture. Driven by advanced technology, this way of farming has a huge impact on traditional farming approaches across the world. To allow for machinery optimisation and a better overview of farm management, Kverneland Group Mechatronics developed IsoMatch FarmCentre.

As Vicon strives to provide farmers with the most up-to-date and easy-to-use telematics tools, it was time for an update. Not only does the new version of IsoMatch FarmCentre have a fresh new look and feel, but it also has a new and intuitive dashboard, showing important information about the implement and the operator’s performance in the field.

One of several added functions is that the user will now be able to visualise the key parameters of each implement on this dedicated dashboard. These parameters include both those corresponding to the implement itself and those of the task controller, allowing the user to easily evaluate the performance of the implement, either for a specific task or throughout a campaign or the life of the machine. The tool also provides compatibility with third-party licenses which is achieved via agrirouter.

This update has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.  You can still expect to be able to create maps, send tasks, generate reports, receive alerts and so much more, as with the earlier version, but with the new version it will be even quicker and easier than before. This tool provides you with the possibility to be more sustainable as exact amounts of required liquids or fertiliser are used, resulting in less spillage. Good for the environment as well as good for your cost savings.

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