EXTRA cutterbar with triangular discs – That’s Vicon DNA

EXTRA cutterbar with triangular discs – That’s Vicon DNA

The Vicon cutterbar is engineered with durability and excellent cutting performance in mind.

Strong and sturdy design

The Vicon EXTRA cutterbar is designed for long, demanding workdays with maximum uptime. The fully welded Vicon design with overlapping C-profiles makes for a rigid and strong construction, ensuring high level of durability.

Triangular, 3 bladed discs

All Vicon mowers have an even number of counter-rotating discs, meaning discs always work in pairs and turn towards each other. This provides maximum overlap between all discs and a better cut. In addition it efficiently and immediately transports the crop to the rear.

The Vicon cutterbar is fitted with 3 bladed discs. They provide 50% higher cutting frequency for more cuts, providing excellent cutting performance and leaving a clean cut stubble.

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