Vicon Product Range Brochure 2022: Farming with Passion

Vicon Product Range Brochure 2022: Farming with Passion

Working the land, running my farm and connecting with nature. Farming is my way of living, and despite being rough at times, I never grow weary of everyday tasks of attending to my land and livestock. I keep up with developments by staying loyal to personal philosophies and applying the appropriate strategy.

Settling for the best possible harvesting strategy is vital when looking for maximum yield and best possible nutritional value per hectare of harvested crop. Your harvesting system should be prepared for varying seasonal effects, such as field conditions, changing crop intensity during the season and - in particular - the weather.

This requires a smart and flexible harvesting system, where each process is carefully matched to each other. A flexible system aimed at precision, which gives you the freedom to quickly and efficiently optimize according to the specific conditions facing you today, to ensure you get the most value from your crop and land.

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