Smart controls for FastBale non-stop baler wrapper!

Smart controls for FastBale non-stop baler wrapper!

Fully automatic non-stop baling with FastBale - even the completed bale drop is automated, although auto drop can be over-ridden at any time when working on sloping land.

FastBale is equipped with an IsoMatch Tellus GO terminal or optional double screen IsoMatch Tellus Pro terminal, the operator is kept fully informed by a fully animated display which shows the real-time status of both baling chambers and the wrapper. The operator can see at a glance the status at each stage of the baling process, allowing him to vary forward speed to maximise output to machine capacity and prevailing crop conditions.


An ‘IsoMatch Eye’ rear view camera combined with the optional large screen Tellus Pro terminal allows the operator to keep a check on the wrapping process and safe bale discharge

FastBale is extremely versatile, and as well as baling and wrapping non-stop, it can work in dry crops with the wrapper in the raised position, with bales discharged directly out of the main bale chamber.

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