Celebrating 10 years of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL!

Celebrating 10 years of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL!

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL was first introduced to the market at AgriTechnica 2011, since then a lot has changed within the software.

At the time, Kverneland Group Mechatronics was one of the first companies in the market with precision farming solutions, like for example IsoMatch GEOCONTROL. Back then the software could handle 24 sections and 1 rate. Since then the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, needed to use IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, has been exchanged with IsoMatch Tellus PRO and the 7-inch IsoMatch Tellus GO+ terminal was added to the product offering together with several accessories like IsoMatch InLine light bar, IsoMatch Grip joystick, IsoMatch TopService to name a few, various products which help the farmer be even more precise.

Besides this, the software itself has also received significant updates like adding sections, more rates, several languages, compatibility with implements to now support 110 sections and 24 rates. Its not stopping there, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is under continuous development and there are many exciting things in store for farmers in the future.

The future of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is exciting for everyone! Join the celebration of this great milestone!

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