iXdrive tops off Vicon sprayer range

Adding a self-propelled sprayer to the Vicon sprayer range provides a complete offering of crop spraying solutions for UK farmers and contractors.

iXdrive represents the very latest in Vicon crop spraying technology, and it is produced at our Nieuw-Vennep crop care factory in the Netherlands.

Up front, operators get the very latest in comfort and refinement from a Vista cab. The cab sits out front, offering a commanding view of the crop, and helping to distribute weight as evenly as possible.

Vista cab offers high levels of operator comfort and great visibility

Component layout plays a part in weight distribution. The 240hp Perkins engine and Sauer hydrostatic driveline are located above the front axle; the spray tank is centrally located and the boom sits over the rear.

Weight distribution is impressive - whether fully laden or empty, the iXdrive will be hard to beat. When fully laden, weight distribution is 50:50, changing to 51:49 when empty.

An even weight loading also translates into a smooth ride and a more stable platform on which a boom can be mounted. Which enhances boom stability too.

Control panel and induction hopper simplify filling. 

Poclain wheel motors offer two ranges - 0-20kph for field work and 0-40kph for transport. Positive traction control is cleverly achieved using two pumps that supply the wheel motors in sequence, which has the effect of driving the two axles individually.

And buyers can choose to have both axles equipped with disc brakes, for added security.

A solid axle sits up front, with a pair of hydraulic rams that are damped by gas-filled accumulators. It is a system that accounts for varying loads.

At the rear, an innovative triangulated trailing arm design is used for the rear axle. It uses a ball-type pivot as its most forward point, under the middle of the chassis. While its primary function is to allow the axle to oscillate, its geometry also contributes to improving weight distribution.

Rear axle suspension - like that up front - is provided by a pair of hydraulic rams, damped by gas-filled accumulators.

Both axles have the ability to be telescoped in/out, to meet different track widths. Different ground clearance options are also available.

When it comes to spraying equipment, iXdrive is bristling with tech, to make the most of efficiency from its 4000, 5000 or 6000 litre spray tanks.

IsoMatch Tellus touchscreen control panel handles spraying functions.

Boom options extend from 24-30m aluminium versions and 27-40m steel. All are variable geometry, allowing left- and right-hand sides to be raised and lowered independently.

Boom Guide Active Roll is available, and integrated into the iM Tellus, touchscreen control system. GPS auto switching for up to 15 boom sections, is also available, with nozzle switching handled by pneumatic valves. Spray lines are fed from both ends, to maintain a constant pressure across the boom lines. This also results in a true prime and purge system.

Internal cleaning is managed by the iXclean Pro system, - a one-button, fully automatic, high-speed, high efficiency washing programme that leaves the inside of the sprayer so clean that residual concentration levels are less than 1%.

It also uses the minimum amount of clean water too, reducing its impact on the environment.


Voice control

A new software application could soon find its way onto the Vicon iXdrive, called IsoMatch Voice Control.

For inclusion in a suite of isobus functions, Voice Control offers extra safety and convenience from using voice commands configured on a smart phone, and connected to the machine via Bluetooth. Functions are then operated, simply by speaking into the phone or headset.

iXdrive Data

Tank sizes: 4000, 5000 and 6000 litres

Spray pack: Twin 250 lit/min Altek pumps, iXflow re-circulation, iXclean rinsing

Booms: 24-30m aluminium; 27-40m steel

Engine: 240hp EU Stage IV compliant Perkins 6-cylinder turbo

Transmission: Twin range hydrostatic, 0-20kph, 0-40kph

Steering: 3-mode (crab, front-wheel, all-wheel)

Suspension: Hydro-pneumatic

Track width: 1.8-2.25m, 2.25-2.95m

9th June 2016

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