Vicon to Extend Sprayer Range with High-Spec Systems at LAMMA 2013

Vicon is using Lamma to introduce two new models at the top end of its trailed sprayer range. Called iXtrack C Pro, the 4,000 and 5,000 litre sprayers are packed with specification, meeting operator requirements for high-output, high precision GPS-based spraying systems.

With steel and aluminium booms available from 18-45m, and the option of boom guide automatic slope correction, the iXtrack C Pro is also fully isobus 11783 compatible allowing display of sprayer functions and control from any compatible tractor terminal or using the IM Tellus dual screen display.
     Equipped with GEOSPRAY auto boom section control, operators can create up to 15 boom sections across the working width of the boom. Each section can include any number of nozzles giving total flexibility to the allocation of section control to precisely suit overlaps in awkward field shapes.
     Reflecting the iXtrack C Pro’s status as a flagship machine, the new versions benefit from iXflow boom recirculation with air nozzle shut-off, resulting in faster nozzle switching to give immediate spray pattern formation.
     When nozzles are closed, all liquid passing the nozzles is recirculated back to the tank, avoiding any dead-ends in lines and reducing the risk of sediment that can occur in spray lines with some chemical products.
     When opening boom sections for spraying, the iXflow system automatically uses the return line as a secondary feed line, effectively filling the boom from both ends. This gives an instant delivery of liquid and pressure at the nozzles.
     Nozzle activation is by compressed air, supplied from an on-board air reservoir and pto-driven compressor. Nozzle closure is instant and positive, reducing the risk of drips and creating a fast-acting system without a pressure drop.
     Such a high specification delivers the ultimate in spraying accuracy and efficiency, particularly when combined with auto section control and auto stop/start on headlands.
     Addition features of the iXtrack C Pro include to iXclean Comfort, Vicon’s automatic control of suction valve functions that is combined with digital tank level indicator and programmable auto tank fill. Simply dial in the number of litres required and the sprayer will stop filling once the required volume has been pumped on-board.
     ENFO sprayline rinsing with prime and purge control is also part of iXclean Comfort, while the more sophisticated iXclean Pro option gives a one-touch fully automated cleaning process that leaves residue levels below one per cent.
     Vicon iXtrack C Pro models also have a choice of autotrac drawbar steering or axle steering, turbo high pressure agitation, sliding adjustable axle with Twinflex suspension, hydraulic braking and dual 250-litre capacity fast fill spray pumps.


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