Vicon Wrapper Developments

The BW2600 series self-loading round bale wrappers now get a hydraulic film cut and hold mechanism, further boosting reliability.

Replacing the spring-operated version, this new mechanism is triggered by a cam as the wrapping table tips to unload. Cam positioning can be adjusted to alter the timing of the cutting action.

As the table is tipped, a pressurised gas accumulator closes the knife, cutting the film and holding it. When the wrapping process starts again, the cutting system opens progressively within two revolutions of the wrapping table, ready to receive film as the wrapping process is completed.

An automatic locking device prevents the table rotating when tipped, holding it in position, and the BW range can either be joystick or computer controlled - the latter offering an automated loading and wrapping sequence which can be played out in full or paused and restarted.

Latest generation BW trailed machines also benefit from a wider wheel track and low-mounted table, allowing the bale to be gently lowered to the ground.

2nd June 2015

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