Vicon RV 4216 – 4220 – The ISOBUS Balers

The high performance Vicon RV 4200 series offers you an impressive bale diameter of up to 2m. with true multi crop performance in silage, hay and straw, they incorporate a host of features to make your working day more profitable.

The Vicon RV 4200 variable chamber balers use a high output rotor intake with drop floor, five-tine bar pickup with twin cam tracks and an intelligent bale density system that delivers fantastic bale quality in all crop types.  

Aberdeenshire farmer is delighted with his new Vicon RV4216 baler! Read all about it in the latest edition of the Vicontact Magazine!

Fine Tuning of Bale Density to Perfection

Every crop is different - and with Vicon Intelligent Density you get to choose what’s best for your crop conditions. Three separate zones each with a choice of diameter and pressure let you perfectly tailor the structure of the bale to your requirements.

 Baling dry straw and want the heaviest bales possible? Then set to maximum pressure in every zone.

  • Baling hay? Set a soft centre core to let the bale breath, with gradually increasing pressure towards the outer layer.
  • Baling wet silage? Reduce the pressure in the centre and mid zones.

 Intelligent Density takes the guesswork out of baling.

Intelligent Baling with ISOBUS

The RV 4216 and RV 4220 are fully ISOBUS 11783 compliant. This means that they will plug directly into an ISOBUS compatible tractor without the need for a separate terminal. Alternatively the RV 4200 can be operated with the Focus or IsoMatch Tellus terminals, universal terminals that can also be used with other Kverneland Group implements. This means one terminal will do the job for all ISOBUS implements.

You are continuously kept up-to-date with the status of the bale, allowing you to constantly optimise work to ensure the best possible bale shape and density. With the bale counter, that can save up to 40 bale counts, you easily keep track of work allowing contractors do accurate documented invoicing.

The following video gives you an introduction to the Vicon baler range.  

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