Vicon Introduces New Variable Chamber Balers for the 2015 Season

Vicon is to strengthen its position in the baler market with a new range of variable chamber round balers that deliver a huge step forward in terms of reliability and output.

Badged RV5200 series, the new models comprise the RV5216 and RV5220, which replace the previous generation RV4216 and RV4220 balers. Capable of producing bales with diameters of up to 1.65m and 2.0m respectively, the RV5216 and RV5220 are equipped with five endless belts and use a closed chamber system that affords immediate bale starting. Key changes found on this latest generation of variable chamber balers is the development of an all-new net wrap system, plus a new software package for easier selection of bale density.

Called PowerBind, the new net system uses fewer components and eliminates the need for feed-in rollers. It has been cleverly engineered to avoid interference from external factors such as wind and crop. Net is injected directly into the bale chamber using the PowerBind arm, which maintains net tension at all times and delivers repeatable accuracy with consistent net injection.

When the bale is 90 per cent complete, the PowerBind arm moves forward, in preparation to inject net. This functionality adds to reliability and productivity, simply by eliminating time the bale might need to pick up the net. As a result, PowerBind provides one of the fastest net wrap processes available, which means less time spent tying and more time spent baling. PowerBind also offers an extremely low loading height - to replace an empty roll, simply swing out its retaining shaft and install a new roll of net. Redesigned roll storage now puts both spare net rolls adjacent to the PowerBind system, making roll swaps easy and convenient. By putting more thought and intelligence into controlling the bale density, it has become much easier to operate Vicon balers. And Intelligent Density 3D is a key example. This latest software package for in-cab control of bale density affords three pre-configured bale densities accessed from the control box menu, with each tailored for straw, hay or silage. This makes any change-over from different crop types much easier and reduces the risk of error. Bale density can also be customised in each of the three separate zones, allowing a choice of diameter, pressure and net quantity to match specific requirements.

A 2.2m wide pickup with a rotor feed intake system, called SuperFeed, is also a standard feature for both models. The pickup design uses five tine bars with two central supports and an all-new roller crop press above, to handle swaths of any density and shape. The twin cam-track design gives a more robust control of tine arms and enables the use of powered, short feed augers to provide a positive and even flow of crop to the main feed rotor. The SuperFeed rotor design is one that uses a helical twin-tine pattern to provide a smooth but positive feed of crop into the bale chamber. The result is uniform bale formation, and its development is one that has simplified production while enabling a high degree of standardisation when it comes to spare parts availability.

The integration of a compact, internal drive system for the pickup enables guide wheels to remain in their working position during transport. Overall width of the baler’s front end is contained within the 2.5m rear wheel track.
RV balers can be specified with 14- or 25-knife SuperCut crop chopping options, with the latter achieving a 40mm chop length. A drop floor chamber is maintained, and allows any blockage to be quickly cleared by simply lowering the floor to release chamber pressure.

Centralised grease points at four locations around the RV baler have simplified maintenance requirements. Greasable bearings are used for shuttle rollers and front drive rollers, further extending baler longevity.
With greater durability in mind, steel hydraulic piping is used to provide tidy lines, reverting to short flexible hoses only where necessary. Common to both models is the use of heavy-duty 1.25in drive chains, with chain lubrication activated by a pump every time the rear door is closed. Tsubaki high quality Japanese roller chains are now used for main drive and pickup drive chains. Double-skinned injection moulded side panels boost overall quality and appearance, with the gull-wing opening side panels creating generous access. Other key improvements include the use of LED rear lights that offer increased reliability, while buyers can choose from optional hydraulic and air brake systems.

Both variable chamber balers include full isobus compatibility, and are also available in FlexiWrap format, providing an integrated baler-wrapper solution on a twin axle chassis. Standard running gear is now ultra-wide 500/50x17 flotation tyres across the range.

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