Twin Film Dispensers on Bale Wrappers

Vicon has upgraded the performance of its BW2100C and BW2600C turntable bale wrappers with the introduction of twin film dispensers and the addition of a clever new system to optimise turntable rotation speed.

While twin film dispensers give an obvious performance advantage, Vicon’s engineers have gone a step further. Maximum wrapping speed on a turntable wrapper is limited by the stability of the bale rotating on the wrapping table. This is directly related to bale quality, but can also be influenced by other factors such as working on slopes or in particularly rough ground conditions.

Rotation speed is therefore generally governed by the judgement of the operator, says the manufacturer, with the possibility of anything up to one tonne of silage bale spinning off the wrapper.

To combat this, the firm’s new OptiSpeed system allows wrapping at higher bale rotation speeds by constantly monitoring the stability of the turntable via an accelerometer mounted on the chassis of the wrapper. Bale rotation speed is increased automatically, while the system monitors for any increase in loading, which indicates if the bale is becoming unstable. If instability is detected, the system automatically reduces the speed to a safe level.

26th May 2016

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