There is Only One Pendulum Spreader!

The unique Vicon SuperFlow range!

The Vicon pendulum spreader is an unique machine in the single element segment of the spreader market. The Vicon spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum accuracy in fertiliser applications!

The Unique Spreading Unit from Vicon
Vicon offers you an unique spreading unit. Spreading quality and easy operation of this unique spreader range is unequalled – now as in the past. The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical on both sides. This results in an excellent overlap. The to-and-for movement of the spreading spout causes the fertilizer to be thrown to the left and right hand side only, never to the front and a short distance to the rear. Wind influence is therefore insignificant and the tractor does not get covered with fertiliser.


A Wide Variety of Applications
With the SuperFlow spreader range in combination with different spreading spouts Vicon can offer a wide variety of applications. The PS225, the smallest model of the unique pendulum spreader range is ideal for use on sport fields and grounds, as well as in many horticulture and municipal applications.

Ideal for use on golf courses and small farms is the PS403 spreader.

The PS403VITI is a special version of the PS403 spreader with a smaller hopper width. This model is especially designed for spreading in orchards.

The PS04 series is the versatile range which is popular for general farm applications. The features of the PS04 series are exact rate control, quick change of spouts, low filling height and easy maintenance. The PS-ED II on-board spreading computer is an available option which allows the metering disc to be adjusted from the tractor cab. Operation is easy!


The standard working width of the complete SuperFlow range is 1-14m. You select a basic hopper capacity and add a hopper extension up to the volume you would like to have. Make a choice for a spreading spout, depending on the application type or spreading width and you are ready to spread!

 14. May 2012

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