The Flexibility You need to Manage Your Crop

The EXTRA 732 and 736T Vario comes with a host of smart features that allow you to get the job done faster, smoother and more efficiently. When there’s work to be done, you need a mower conditioner that is easily customised to the exact conditions facing you today. 


Setting the conditioning intensity to crop density and conditions, changing between swathing and widespreading and checking discs and knives is done easily and quickly, taking the hassle out of the daily work optimisation.  Both mowers are equipped with the latest Vicon conditioner technology.

In addition to the very durable SemiSwing steel tines, these mowers also feature dual adjustment of conditioner plate. The conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to provide full adaptability of the conditioner to crop intensity. 

SemiSwing Steel Tine for Full Conditioning Effect and Excellent Tine Protection

Utilising centrifugal force is what makes the Vicon SemiSwing conditioner stand out to other conditioning systems. It offers an aggressive conditioning effect while still offering excellent tine protection and virtually no wear and tear.

  • Efficient crop transfer - crop is efficiently lifted away from the cutterbar and moved along the conditioner plate, ensuring aggressive conditioning effect.
  • The steel tines will stay in a fixed position during normal work, allowing for an aggressive conditioning effect.
  • The very large dimension of the conditioner plate supports effective conditioning and uniform crop movement towards the rear of the machine.

Dual Adjustment of Conditioner – Optimise Your Crop Flow

Performance and maximum comfort. This concept combines both to meet the exacting demands of any job in the field.  The conditioner hood can be independently adjusted at both front and rear ends to customize the conditioner to crop intensity, for improved grass flow and power consumption. When mowing high and intensive first cut crop you can chose to open up completely at the front and rear end, to allow the massive amount of material to pass through without blockages

Covers all Crop Conditions

The dual adjustment concept allows adaptation to differing crop conditions, whether high or low, heavy or thin. The correct setting is simply chosen, by adjusting two handles, done in seconds.

The front end (1) is adjusted separately to suit the crop intensity, even for massive crop, to avoid any blockages.

Rear end (2) is adjusted to ensure smooth and efficient crop flow into swaths or widespreading. 

21st December 2018

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