Successful Crop Tech Road Show

Crop Technology events open doors to higher precision

Our recent series of Crop Technology events gave an opportunity to catch up on the latest in Vicon sprayer and spreader developments.

The theme of the events was to encourage greater accuracy and precision with spreading and spraying equipment, in addition to sharing expert knowledge through a series of updates about NSTS, sustainable directives and an opportunity to understand the very latest in nozzle technology from TeeJet.

“I was extremely pleased with the format and attendance we had during the Crop Technology roadshow,” explained Vicon crop care manager Paul Bellas. “The format was intended to give customers topical information on rinsing systems, nozzle selection and performance, legislation updates and sprayer control systems.”

“And feedback suggested that delegates found the events informative and positive with a view to helping their farming businesses.”

Over 200 delegates attended the series of events, which took place around the UK. Attendees made the most of expert knowledge and technical guidance when it came to operator safety, environmental awareness, nozzle technology and getting your sprayer ready for an MoT.

“As a result, we are already looking to put Crop Technology events on the 2014 calendar, with topical and informative subject areas to help customers to get much more from their spraying systems,” he said.

Vicon Crop Technology events allowed delegates to make the most of expert knowledge and technical guidance.  

25th March 2013

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The format of Vicon’s Crop Technology events gave delegates topical information on rinsing systems, nozzle selection and legislation updates.
Understanding the latest technology puts customers on a path to greater accuracy and precision.

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