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Intelligent Farming with the RO-EDW GEOSPREAD Spreader

Vicon is introducing the new Vicon RO-EDW GEOSPREAD spreader. With this model Vicon is setting new standards again on even more accurate spreading by introducing GPS possibilities on the weighing spreaders. Vicon has already been awarded with a silver medal for GEOSPREAD at Agritechnica 2011.

The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD is equipped with two actuators on each dosing unit. One of these actuators controls the setting of the discharge point of the dosing cup onto the disc (letter setting), the other controls the application rate. The GEOSPREAD system makes it possible to adjust the letter setting individually for both discs electrically from the tractor cab. This means the working width can be easily adjusted quickly and accurately just by touching the ISOBUS terminal! The GEOSPREAD system can be operated by every ISOBUS Universal Terminal with section control capabilities.

In combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL the RO-EDW GEOSPREAD makes it possible to do:

  1. Section control: automatic switching on and off implement sections on headlands, boundaries and already covered areas to minimise overlap.
  2. Variable rate control: automatically adjusts the application rate bases on input from the field prescription.
  3. Documentation: saves all operational job data and field maps for exchange via USB to farm management systems.

As from autumn 2012 on a new functionality will be added in the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software which is:

      4.  Manual guidance: smart boundary recording, boundary shrinking, advised driving position using guidance lines, manual guidance for all operations.

When running IsoMatch GEOCONTROL in addition to GEOSPREAD you can set the RO-EDW GEOSPREAD even more accurately. The working width will be automatically adjusted to suit the overlap and coverage using a GPS positioning system. For example, when driving in a wedge or irregular shaped field, GEOSPREAD will start to decrease the working width step by step. GEOSPREAD  is using the section control function of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software which is in the IsoMatch Tellus Universal Terminal. The spreader working width is adjusted and the application rate (kg/min) is also adjusted automatically to match the revised spreading width. This unique combination of working width and application rate adjustments makes the RO-EDW GEOSPREAD extremely accurate, with minimum influence on the spread pattern coefficient of variation.

Advantages of GEOSPREAD

  1. Quick an accurate spreading, due to the actuators being directly connected to the discharge point.
  2. Stable disc RPM in combination with discharge point adjustment maintains the spreading pattern (coefficient of variation).
  3. Easy operation; no need to step off the tractor to adjust the working width
  4. 100% ISOBUS compatible for easy operation

The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD is probably the most intelligent system for spreading with GPS in the market.

 10. October 2012

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