RO-M GEOSPREAD - Weighing spreader for the medium sized market segment

Vicon is introducing GEOSPREAD section control in the medium sized market segment of weighing spreaders.

Vicon is introducing the RO-M GEOSPREAD with a 1100 – 2450 litre hopper content, in the medium sized spreader segment for arable farmers and professional dairy farmers. The GEOSPREAD system on the medium model weighing spreader makes it possible to manually or automatically adjust the working width very quickly and accurately via an ISOBUS terminal.

Saving 5-10% on Fertiliser
Based on previous coverage, field borders, headlands and task data, the automatic section control of the spreader adjusts the working width and dosing system by a GPS positioning system for perfect overlap and coverage with minimum over-and under dosing. For example, when driving in a wedge or irregular shaped field, GEOSPREAD will start to adjust the working width step by step. No need to change any settings on the spreader or the ISOBUS terminal!

The working width of the Vicon RO-M GEOSPREAD is divided into a maximum of 14 sections of only 2 metres wide. By keeping a constant disc RPM and accurately adjusting the discharge point, GEOSPREAD allows the spreader to accurately switch off section by section, from one side to the other, until it gets to the last outer section in a wedged headland for example. This means the small 2 metre sections can be switched inside-out and outside-in to keep overlaps to the minimum and save fertiliser. 

 26. October 2015

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