RO-M EW - Spreading with the Unique Reference Sensor

The RO-M EW (Easy Weigh) is the ideal weighing spreader for the smaller grower! This ISOBUS compatible weighing spreader is equipped with a unique reference sensor, which will correct automatically on slopes and for shocks.

Because of the reference sensor, this spreader can work with high accuracy on rough terrains and in hilly conditions. The unique reference sensor technology from Vicon will correct all negative influences and eliminated, ensuring utmost spreading accuracy on hillsides.

Speed related spreading in combination with auto calibration will help to prevent over and under dosing which will result in better yields and saving of fertiliser. For even more comfort, it is possible to use this spreader in combination with GPS. With GPS controlled spreading the Vicon RO-M EW has 2 sections and automatic start/stop on headlands based on the GEOPOINT. The spreader will automatically start and stop when the GEOPOINT is at the edge of the headland. This will prevent over and under dosing around the headlands. The GEOPOINT is the heart of the spreading pattern and is fertiliser specific. The GEOPOINT can be found in the spreading charts. It is even possible to do variable rate spreading according to application maps. The Vicon spreader can be operated with the IsoMatch Tellus, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any ISOBUS compatible terminal.

Highest accuracy in all conditions: even spreading quality guaranteed! Save costs and increase quality: spreading the Easy Way!

2nd May 2017

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