Precision Rolled Cutting edge

All Vicon mower blades have precision rolled cutting edges instead of ground or shaped edges. No steel was removed when sharpening the blades, which results in higher steel density exactly where it’s needed. Our blades are super strong and ready to do the job for you, even in the toughest conditions.

What’s in it for you?
You get strong blades that lasts longer, stays sharp and have higher resistance when hitting stones.

Original Vicon Parts are important pieces of your machine’s DNA. Our parts are produced with the same strict specifications as the machine itself, and therefore guaranteed to work and fit as intended to keep you running at optimal pace. Do not compromise the authenticity of your machine with cheap solutions, Original Vicon parts are the guaranteed solution for the optimal Vicon experience.

Blade - Left 126mm

Blade - Right 126mm

Blade - Left 105mm

Blade - Right 105mm

Blade - V-shaped 128mm

Blade - SuperCut 131mm

3rd April 2018

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