New optional features that can benefit to your raking business

Lightning Package for all four rotor rakes and tandem axle for Andex 1254 and 1304

New Feature Number 1:

“We bring light into the dark with the new optional lightning kit for all four rotor rakes!”

Working in the dark can be difficult as tractor lights are not able to illuminate the critical points good enough. The three optional work lights can help out. Two lights on the front of the mainframe illuminate the area in front of the rotor. One light on the end shows the swath and the raking quality.

New Feature Number 2:

“We ensure adhesion with the optional tandem axle for Andex 1254 and 1304 Models!”

All new models are able to carrie them on the front and rear rotors.

The tandemaxle has one fixed wheel for additional stability specially on hillside, the other one can steer to limit the destruction on the grass surface in curves to a minimum.

28th November 2018

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