New mounted sprayer offers more choice

A new series of mounted sprayer joins the Vicon range, called iXter A.It meets customer requirements for a smaller, lighter model but still maintains professional high-end features, including the FMC (Flow Mate Control) spray computer.

iXter A brings improved weight distribution and a new generation of vertical folding boom.

New features introduced with the iXter A include its low weight but high strength, and a centre of gravity that is much closer to the tractor, when compared to the iXter B.

These features offer increased stability and better weight distribution, and make the iXter A much more suitable for use with smaller, lighter tractors.

Tank capacities are 800, 1000 and 1200 litres, and are available with a choice of two boom types. The first is the proven HOSA aluminium boom with its sophisticated Z-folding mechanism.

The second boom is an all-new generation of HC vertical folding steel boom. Manufactured from Domex steel, this latest boom has gained strength and also lost weight, thanks to the advanced metallurgy found in Domex steel.

The HOSA boom is available with a 15m working width, while the new HC boom is available in 18, 20m and 21m working widths.

iXter A data

Tank capacity: 800, 1000 and 1200 litres

Clean water tank: 130 litres

Control system: EC, FMC

HOSA boom: 15m

HC boom: 18, 20, 21m

9th June 2016

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