New Mounted Field Sprayer from Vicon

The Vicon iXter A will be added to the existing B mounted field sprayer range.

The Vicon iXter A will be available with 800, 1000 and 1200 litre tank capacity in combination with two different boom types: the HOSA aliuminium boom with the advanced Z-folding principle and a complete new generation of the well-known HC steel boom range. Using Domex steel for the boom it became stronger, but lighter to contribute to the lower weight of the machine.

Operation can be made easy with the simple electric Remote Control or the easy-to-use FlowMate Control spray computer. The iXter A is an easy to operate sprayer with the control panel, chemical inductor, hand wash tank and clean cloth locker all on the same side of the sprayer.

Optimal Weight Balance
The main features of the iXter A mounted sprayer are the lower weight, compared to the iXter B series and a close gravity point to the tractor. This gives an optimal weight distribution, even in combination with small tractors.

11th April 2016

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