New Generation Tedder pooled with high manoeuvrability on the road and in the headland

The new launched Fanex 1124C, an 11,2m trailed rotary tedder delivers high performance, short construction with modern design purpose-built for use with smaller tractors.

11.2m Working Width

The Fanex 1124C will exchange the model Fanex 1103 C into the next generation. 11.2m working width together with 10 rotors secure perfect results in all crop conditions. Thanks to the compact folding, the machine is shorter than the previous model.


Easy to use

The basic execution requires two double acting outlets, for transport folding and hydraulic boarder tedding. Optional a hydraulic headland management is as well available. This can be controlled via a rope. The comfort kit includes a handheld to preselect between normal transport folding, headland management and lifting & lowering of just the transport carrier. As well the new tandem land wheel can be assembled to operate also under difficult conditions.

This and other options result in the possibility to customize the machine perfectly to customer needs.

Minimum Maintenance Promotes High Uptime

The biggest improvement of Maintenance free tedding is as well transferred into this new model. The machine is in Season fully maintenance free. No time is wasted for greasing. This is realized thanks to the already known maintenance free gearboxes. Joints in the driveline including bearings are free of maintenance as well. The hinges are as well maintenance free.

Compact construction

The new Fanex 1124C is built in a short and compact design. High manoeuvrability on the road and as well in the headland are the result. The transport wheels are lifted during work, so they don´t create additional tracks in the field. On the road the wide transport carrier supports high stability of the machine.


29th October 2018

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