New Generation 2013 Baler Range

- with Increased Dimensions and More Features

Vicon is introducing its new generation of round balers, a range already known for its high density bales, with outstanding bale shape and plenty of capacity. Add in an array of new features on the 2013 generation including strong improvements of both pick-up and the net and twine binding process, and the result is a new high quality baler range.


Increased Dimensions
Central to the new generation of Vicon round balers is increased dimensions in every detail, lifting both durability and capacity. The new generation is supplied with even more reliability built-in, and key elements such as drawbar, front frame, belt tensioner and the cylinder pin of the tailgate have been increased in dimensions to offer even more strength and durability. In addition the main baler drives are upgraded with a new chain tensioner design and increased chain dimensions with higher tensile strengths.

Stronger Pick-Up Design with More Accurate Crop Flow
The 2013 baler range is provided with an upgraded pick-up driveline with increased strengths and dimensions. New features such as stronger sprockets, increased chain dimensions and sturdier tensioners on both pick-up and side auger add up to a more solid design.

Improved Net and Binding Process
Key to the new 2013 generation is a significantly simplified process of net binding with automatic knife rearming. The knife will stay down during baling process to protect the complete net injection area. No manual action is required from the driver, even if a second net cycle must be activated via the control box. The electric binding motor comes with increased diameter of the sprockets to reduce stress on each tooth and adds in more accurate power transmission.

The new redesigned twine injection with the injection tube positioned closer to the chamber and bale provides a more precise injection into the chamber for increased reliability. With the upgraded software program control of net wrap and twine quality is improved, and correct setting of bale density is easier.


18th March 2013

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