New Compact Mounted and Trailed Twin Rotor Rake

Compact Package - Uncomplicated Usability

Andex 644 and 644M are robust and durable centre swath rakes. They come with a compact package of features including maintenance friendly CompactLine gearbox with 10 tine arms per rotor. With 6.4 m working width they are the ideal fit for two swaths from a 3.2m mower. Andex 644 provides a swath width of 1.20m, suitable for efficient pick-up. 

CCC = Compact, Comfortable and Care-friendly usage

Andex 644

  • trailed version,
  • fixed carrier frame design
  • actively steered axles,
  • tight cornering up to 80° results in high manoeuvrability when working in smaller fields with tight corners and when driving on narrow roads or entering tight gateways.
  • Transport height is only 3.85m, even with all tine arms attached

Andex 644M

  • The Mounted Version for Compact Dimensions
  • Highly manoeuvrable for narrow road and tight gateways.
  • The compact mounted design in combination with the three point linkage mounting makes the Andex 644M an ideal fit for mastering smaller and awkwardly shaped fields.
  • Large working width of 6.4 m

Compact and comfortable parking

Comfortable NEW 3-point (CAT 2+3) mounted

Very compact transport dimension and with a transport length of only 3.8m (comparable to a 4 furrow plough).

23rd July 2018

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