New 7.6m Tedder with Reduced Transport Height and Increased Efficiency

With the introduction of the Fanex 764, Vicon has developed a 7.6m tedder designed to perform perfect in all crop conditions, with a minimum of non-productive maintenance required and with diminished transport dimensions. 

Productivity At the Core
A key feature of the Fanex 764 is its’ ease-of-use. The complete machine, except PTO to tractor is 100% maintenance-free. “Durability and efficient maintenance have been key factors during the development of Fanex 764.” Product Manager of Hay Tools at Kverneland Group, Sebastian Hagemann says. He further elaborates: “The implementation of maintenance-free driveline and gearboxes, allows the farmer to focus on the essentials and maximize productivity. No time is wasted on time consuming greasing”. Additionally the hinges are connected with strong maintenance-free roller bearings for extended longevity and stability of the connection points.

Also adding to both durability and design is the implementation of aluminium rail guards, which are low in weight, but still extremely resistant. Also they help reduce vibrations on the machine dramatically, leading to less stress and minimized wear. 


Compact transport dimensions, with a parking height of only 3.45m.

Compact Transport Dimensions
Furthermore Fanex 764 offers very compact folding, with a parking height of just 3.45m, due to the implementation of the new HexaLink finger clutch system in the joints of the two outer rotors. The remaining rotors are driven by maintenance-free double universal joints, for strong and efficient transfer of power. 

 12th October 2015

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