New 11m Twin Rotor Rake

Brings Immense Performance and Productivity

The comprehensively redesigned Vicon Andex 1104 rotary rake brings enhanced raking performance. The improved gearbox with more accurate swath formation and new carrier frame design provides more exact ground followings which are hallmarks of this new 11m rake.

Called the Andex 1104, this new Vicon twin rotor centre swath rake with hydraulically adjustable working width from 9.30 - 10.60m is a very interesting offering in the high-end segment. The Andex 1104 offers a host of proven Vicon features such as the TerraLink Quattro ground contour followings, hydraulic adjustment of both rotor height and working width and not least an easy to use control box for all hydraulic functions.

Vicon Andex 1104 – High Capacity but Yet a Compact Rake
The Andex 1104 offers an unbeatable combination of productivity and maneuverability reaching immense working width by means of only two rotors. This solution allows a much more cost efficient and compact solution for wide raking widths compared to 4 rotor rakes. It has a less complex design and is easier to operate and maneuver in the field and on the road. 


Improved Ground Followings
The carrier frame and rotor undercarriage have been redesigned to improve stability. The carrier frame now features lower position of the rear frame, moving the gravity point closer to the ground.

The Vicon TerraLink Quattro rotor suspension is a vital feature in order to ensure excellent ground followings. A unique combination of undercarriage with 6 wheels and a specially designed rotor suspension system controls the rotor in 3 dimensions providing superb ground contour followings. The wheels are positioned very close to the tines for maximum and accurate adaptation allowing the driver to maximise driving speed. Massive wheel dimensions on the main frame ensure excellent running characteristics during transport and operation in difficult ground conditions.


High Performance Oil-immersed Gearbox
The Andex 1104 is fitted with the renowned Vicon ProLine gearbox, with its maintenance free oil bath solution.  The ProLine gearbox now offers easier servicing in case of damage. The inner tine arm shafts can be exchanged quickly and efficiently by just removing 3 bolts. The shape of the Vicon hallmark, the massive 40cm curve disc, has been improved to allow the tines arm to leave the crop faster, leaving a more uniform swath shape. 

Control Box for Easy Operation
The Andex 1104 is designed for easy operation and offers a number of features to make the working day as comfortable as possible. All functions are conveniently operated hydraulically via the control box. The following functions are operated via the control box:

  • Hydraulic folding for working/transport position including a fully automatic locking device.
  • The two rotors are hydraulically lifted on headlands and ensure outstanding ground clearance in headland position.
  • Single sided activation of the rotors.

Hydraulic height adjustment of the rotor units to suit the length of stubble or varying ground conditions along with integrated hydraulic suspension to reduce ground pressure.

2nd May 2013

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