Improved Ground Tracking and New Level of Operator Comfort with ProLink Front Mounted Mower Conditioners

The all-new range of front mounted mower conditioners from Vicon brings new comfortable features to its line of EXTRA 700 mower conditioners. It is the ideal combination of effective suspension concept for accurate cutting performance and new operator friendly features.

ProLink – 3-Dimensional Ground Tracking

Vicon EXTRA 700F is designed around the ProLink suspension, an extremely responsive and durable concept.  With its floating 3-dimensional suspension, it delivers excellent ground tracking for accurate cutting performance and great cutterbar protection.  

At the centre of the ProLink concept are the two largely dimensioned suspension springs and the two suspension rods positioned underneath, securing accurate ground tracking and guidance of the mowing unit. The suspension springs are positioned very far outwards to keep ground pressure even across the complete mowing width.

The moving range of EXTRA 700F is very flexible, allowing downwards movements of 250mm and upwards of 420mm. In addition, the innovative suspension design allows a transverse adaptation of 24°. This ensures excellent adaptation to uneven ground contours and higher reachable speed for more output and productivity.

Stubble height adjustment is conveniently integrated directly into the suspension linkage for quick and accurate setting of cutting height. There is no need to tilt the A-frame of the tractor.

Beyond Operator Comfort
The EXTRA 700F series features a host of new improvements to bring operator comfort to a higher level. The complete mower is designed for easy servicing and the low maintenance PTO shaft only requires one seasonal greasing.

To make routine maintenance and daily inspection checks quick and efficient, the design of the front hood has improved, allowing complete access to the cutterbar. When lifted up, the front plate stays in a 90º position by a hydraulic damper.

With the new one touch parking handle, you only need to operate one handle to lock and prepare the machine for dismounting. Easy and efficient. The new parking foot is easily activated and keeps the mower in a level position when parked – ready for quick remounting.

17th September 2018

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