How to boost productivity and performance on your machine?

Your Vicon machine is essential to your farm. It helps you work the land to secure your livelihood. Everyday tasks at the farm, in harsh and demanding conditions, will take its toll on your machinery. Sure, parts will wear out and you will have to deal with downtime while changing them, but how can you make sure to keep downtime to an absolute minimum?

Tender, love and care for your machine is the answer. First, always use original parts for your Vicon machine; they are tough and guaranteed to make your machine work optimal as intended from the factory.

But there is more, something often forgotten; high quality oils for the mowing parts on your machine and proper preparations for winter storing. A well-oiled and healthy machine will help avoid unplanned downtime and can extend the lifetime – boosting productivity and performance in the field. Having a good routine in place, and repeating this on a regular basis, will help you keep your costs down and minimize wear on your machine. Our Original maintenance products have been carefully selected to give you the best protection available for your Vicon machine. So make sure to ask your local Vicon dealer for support to choose the right maintenance products – to keep you going strong in the field.

Gear oil

This is a high quality mineral lubricant oil for mechanical transmissions, based on premium solvent-refined base oils, supplemented with special ‘Extreme Pressure’ additives to achieve maximum gearbox protection.

Cutterbar oil

A premium, industrial transmission oil. The product is based on mineral oil, supplemented with unleaded ‘Extreme Pressure’ additives.

Cutterbar Oil can be used for the lubrication of nearly all types of industrial gear transmissions that are subject to heavy and/or shock loads.

Sprayer Protection

This special biodegradable antifreeze protects your sprayer by preventing it from freezing, ensures the nozzles are kept clean and prevents seals and hoses from deteriorating.

Winter coating

Winter Wax Coating protects all metal parts and weigh cells against corrosion – and ensures your fertiliser spreader remains in top working condition.

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