Flexible operation brings Contractor advantage

Matthew and Chris Kirkham of J H Kirkham & Sons, Warwickshire, UK make around 10,000 bales a season with their Vicon RV5216 Flexiwrap.

The Kirkham’s really appreciate the versatility of their Flexiwrap – during silage making they produce 1.2m bales for sheep, while they want to pack as much crop as possible into larger 1.4m bales for cattle. Working in straw they also make bales right up to 1.65m. Bale quality is another plus point.

Running in front of an Andex 804 rake the RV5216 makes good looking straw bales which stack nicely, with the net applied evenly on every bale.

Click here to see the Kirkhams Flexiwrap in action: 

19th March 2018

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