Easy Setting of Ground Pressure – On the Go!

Vicon’s EXTRA 632T Farmer mower conditioner is available with new easy hydraulic setting of ground pressure. For greater operator comfort the ground pressure of the spring is set hydraulically from the tractor cab. Easy to adjust, even on the go.

No fields are identical, and weather conditions change across the season, or even during the same day. With the new hydraulic solution from Vicon, accurate setting of ground pressure is fast and easy, even on the go, there is no need to leave the tractor, it can all be done conveniently from the tractor seat.

Simple Solution Solving an Important Challenge
The new suspension is in fact a very simple and clever solution to an important challenge in optimiding the mowing job. Tension on the large suspension spring, determining the ground pressure, is adjusted hydraulically on the new hydraulic version, to increase or lower pressure, all easily done from the tractor seat through the hydraulic remote of the tractor. The chosen ground pressure level is conveniently registered from the easy to read scale.

Ground pressure can be adjusted even on the move when field conditions change. For instance choose light ground pressure in rough conditions, when cutting headlands and increase pressure when cutting the rest of the field to protect mower and stubble, yet ensuring accurate cutting performance. 

Importantly the correct ground pressure adds to significant fuel saving, as a mower with correct ground pressure is easier to pull, requiring less power and fuel consumption. Additionally it ensures best possible protection of crop roots, leading to faster regrowth.

Strong Combination of Spring and Hydraulics
The design with responsive spring suspension and hydraulic adjustment is a very efficient combination. The large suspension spring ensures instant reaction with no delay and accurate adaption to ground contours, while the hydraulic adjustment makes it easy and fast to set the correct ground pressure. Add in the centre suspension of the mowing unit that provides even weight distribution across the complete mower width and you have a mower tailored for accurate mowing performance.

To offer maximum protection of the cutterbar the EXTRA 632T Farmer is fitted with the Vicon mechanical Non-Stop BreakBack. When encountering an obstacle, the mechanical BreakBack will instantly swing the mower backwards and over the obstacle, returning to its original working position once the obstacle has been passed. There is no delay in the reaction as seen on hydraulic solutions.

2nd February 2015

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