New Sleek Design Takes the Front Mounted Vicon Drum Mower to Higher Levels of User-Friendliness

Vicon has combined new sleek design elements with increased user-friendliness of its new front mounted drum mower. A comprehensively redesigned solution where all details in terms of ergonomic use have been carefully reworked.


Called the EXPERT 432F, this new mower is based on the strong Vicon heritage of being the drum mower expert with a leading market segment position. The EXPERT 432F, fitted with 4 drums and a working width of 3.05m, is the ideal solution for producing a swath as narrow as 1.1m.


Add in new features such as the next generation FlexProtect side covers, integrated tool box and more ergonomic handles for correct setting of the mower and the result is an even better performing front mower.


The EXPERT 432F has its own distinct Vicon design and is produced at the Kverneland Group grass factory in Kerteminde, where all disc mowers are also produced.  It is fitted with the next generation Vicon FlexProtect side covers, that now offers better flexibility.


The new side covers are made of steel fitted with a flexible polythene cover around the side surface, providing high stability and flexibility. It is a very rigid solution that effectively absorbs stress subjected to the cover and bends when hitting obstacles, without breaking the side cover.


A new tool box, conveniently positioned right next to the drums where tools and knives are needed for daily maintenance, is standard on the new EXPERT 432F. Swath discs are now easier to adjust and better accessible. New ergonomic handles, positioned on top of the mower where they are easy to reach, makes the adjustment easy and simple.



3rd September 2013

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