Cornish Veg Grower Adds Three Sprayers and a GEOSPREAD

Cornish vegetable grower Riviera Produce has recently taken delivery of its third Vicon iXter sprayer and an RO EDW twin disc fertiliser spreader with GEOCONTROL to boost output and efficiency at the 1,600ha farming operation.

Farm manager Wayne Simmons (right) reckons the iXter’s ability to work with half its boom folded for tight headlands, along with auto stop/start and boom section control tailored specifically suit each crop’s bed widths and row settings, are key requirements to boost in-field productivity.
“We operate all three sprayers on an almost year-round basis, so reliability, productivity and accuracy are essential criteria for us,” he says.
Similarly, the RO EDW’s ability to apply fertiliser with an intense degree of accuracy is helping the grower to save money.
“With our acreage spread through 700 fields, we are faced with a lot of field boundaries where fertiliser could easily be over-applied,” says Mr Simmons, who is joined by Alan Rowdon from Vicon (left) and Ian Maddever from supplying dealer IDM Services (centre).

 30th May 2014

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