Auto Feed Control- Smart Farming feature for RV 5000 series!

The AutoFeed control (AFC) system for RV 5000 series variable chamber balers consists of a hydraulically steered baler drawbar working in combination with an advanced electronic system. 

The AFC system replaces the normal fixed drawbar with two hydraulically operated telescopic sections. These allow the baler to be steered relative to the position of the tractor. 

AFC allows the operator to drive centrally along the windrow without any requirement to continually move from left to right during bale formation, this ensures correct feeding of the crop into the bale chamber, optimizing the bale forming and giving a perfectly shaped bale.

Fuel consumption is also reduced as the tractor is able to take a more direct path as it follows the windrow.

The result is significantly higher productivity and the production of perfectly shaped, dense bales for optimum wrapping and or stacking.

29th May 2017

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