Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario BX - 7100R Vario BX

Butterfly mower combination with BX belt solution, QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of overlap and working width.

9.80 - 10.20m working width

SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioner

Swath Belt Solution for Doing A Better Job

The Vicon BX is primed to maximise working capacity and utilise the full capacity of the EXTRA 7100 without compromising on quality of work. Vicon BX automatically does the job of adjusting belt speed to working width, for the same uniform swath width, regardless of position of mowing units. This means maximum working capacity, excellent operator comfort and an even, uniform swath formation.

The Advantages

Features all the same advantages as the "standard" 7100T or 7100R Vario model. Additional advantages include:

  • Automatic belt speed adjustment
  • Adjustable belt height
  • Belt boost for headland operation
  • Autostop function for minimised fuel consumption
  • Versatile 4-in-1 solution

Automatic Belt Speed Adjustment

Same Uniform Swath Formation...

Vicon BX automatically adjusts belt speed, whenever a change is needed. If mowing units are sideshifted to adjust overlap, belt speed immediately adjusts, to compensate for the change in throwing distance needed. When increasing overlap for mowing around corners, belt speed is lowered.

...Even When Using Just One Belt 

In addition Vicon BX also detects when a belt or mowing unit is raised, and immediately compensates to ensure crop stays within the intended swath width. Belt speed of the working belt is automatically reduced, to avoid crop “flying over” the centre swath.

Adjustable Belt Height

Shape the Swath As You Want

Working in heavy first cut crop, combined with a narrow pick-up width of the following machine, may cause challenges in getting the swath narrow enough. Vicon BX offers the possibility of positioning the swath belt in different operating heights, to deliver the crop on top of the swath made by the front mower, to make a narrow and box shaped swath. Delivery height is set by lowering or raising the belt hydraulically on-the-go.

Belt Boost

Trouble-Free Headlands

When the mowing units are activated for headland lift, an integrated belt boost automatically speeds up, to empty the belts before they are raised, leaving a clean and tidy headland. Furthermore the AutoStop is activated once belts are raised, automatically stopping them until mowing units are lowered again, keeping fuel consumption low.

4-in-1 Solution

Versatile Design

Versatility via four-in-one solution offered by EXTRA 7100 Vario BX, allowing one large swath, three single swaths, full width wide spreading, or using one belt only. The standard fitted swath plates are easily slided into position for the desired swath width. If conditions require wide spreading, the standard fitted FlipOver wide spreading vanes are activated in seconds.

QuattroLink Suspension

Racecar Technology Applied for Mower Conditioners

What makes the QuattroLink suspension unique? The mowing unit is pulled by four suspension arms fitted onto a fixed carrying arm that allows the mowing unit to float independently over the field, adjusting highly accurately and instantly to any changes in ground contours.

No Compromises on Flexibility

The mowing pattern is extremely flexible with a vertical working range of 700mm up and down and a transverse working range of 30°. The 4 arm suspension concept ensures constant ground pressure during working operations.

How You Will Benefit from QuattroLink

Like a race car you want better tracking, ability to go at faster speed and adjust instantly to changing field conditions when operating your mower conditioner. These are the main benefits you will experience when running the EXTRA 700 series. The four suspension arms provide the mowing unit with an exceptional flexibility in adapting instantly to demanding ground contours inviting for higher speed and more productivity.

Vario - Suspension Arm

Hydraulic Adjustment of Overlap

EXTRA 736T Vario and 7100T Vario are fitted with hydraulic SideShift integrated into the carrying arm allowing each mowing units to move 400mm. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension.

Ground Pressure Remains Constant

During mowing operation the carrying arm always remains even to the ground, giving the mowing unit the freedom to instantly compensate and float across uneven ground contours. The true benefit of the suspension concept is that even though overlap is changed, the chosen ground pressure remains the same.

Full Width BreakAway

Our NonStop BreakAway system just got even better. With the new QuattroLink suspension this system now offers protection across the full working width of the mower, including the part closest to the tractor. There are no limiting factors on the inside part of the mower, giving the driver true peace of mind. When hitting an obstacle in the field, the mowing unit will instantly move backwards and up, and then return to the original position.

BX Belt - Quick Coupler

With the optional Vicon quick coupler solution, it is now possible to dismount the two BX belts in less than 10 minutes and park them safely on specially designed transport rollers. When disconnected, the BX belts automatically disappear from the terminal screen.

This gives you the option of deciding from day to day, when work schedule is ready, if belts are needed or not. All it takes are three simple steps – no tools required!

1. Slide the purpose-built transport rollers onto the BX-belt and remove the connection pin. 

2. Disconnect the power cable and all hydraulic connections to BX belt with one single lever.

3. Lower the mowing units and the BX belt automatically comes off. 

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