Vicon iXdrive S6

Self propelled sprayer range offering tank capacities of 4.250, 5.200 or 6.150 litres. HSA aluminium booms from 24 up to 30m and HSS steel booms from 24 up to 40m are possible.

Quality, Productivity and Performance

The iXdrive S6 comes in two models, the iXdrive HP as a basic model and the iXdrive HP ECODRIVE as the top model, with new features like increased power Stage V engine. The iXdrive is designed to spray the right amount, in the right place, at the right time. This is made possible by iXclean Pro, automatic valve management and iXflow-E high pressure circulation system with individual nozzle control, which are equipped standard on the iXdrive. The EasySet control panel offers a clean and convenient workspace with all needed components directly at hand. The spraying technology is easy to operate from the cab with the Vicon iXspray technology on the standard equipped IsoMatch Tellus PRO Terminal and the IsoMatch Grip for easy, simple, fingertip control.

The Advantages:

  • New standard features: iXflow-E individual nozzle control, iXclean Pro and automatic valve management
  • Easy operation, including EasySet control panel
  • Excellent driving comfort
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
  • HSS steel or HSA aluminium side folding spray booms

Technical Specifications

  iXdrive S6
Nominal tank capacity 4250 (l) 5200 (l) 6150 (l)
Maximum tank capacity 4500 (l) 5500 (l) 6500 (l)
Ground clearance  1.30/1.50/1.70 (m) 1.30/1.50 (m)
Clean water tank  520 (l)
Spray booms HSA 24 - 30 (m) (2 part folding) / HSS 24 - 30 (m) (2 part folding) / HSS 32 - 40 (m) (3 part folding)
Diesel engine John Deere PowerTech 250 HP Stage V optional 300 HP Stage V or 250 HP Stage II
Track width 1.80 - 2.25 / 2.25 - 2.95 (m)
iXclean Pro, iXflow-E Standard

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