Vicon iXter B

Mounted sprayer range with tank volumes from 1000 up to 1800 litres. Different boom types available from 15 - 30 metres. 

Vicon iXter B - The Power of Technology

The Vicon iXter B mounted sprayer is the fruit of years of research and development in close collaboration with farmers: this is today the most advanced mounted sprayer range with focus on user friendliness and environmental protection. With iXflow-E individual nozzle control and a completely new iXspray hardware and software platform Vicon can offer a high tech mounted sprayer with a high level of user friendliness for the professional farmer segment.  

The Advantages:

  • Stability: The HC spray boom has a triangular construction and anti-yaw system which allows high speed spraying in difficult conditions. The Boom Guide Pro spray height control system has the option for 5 sensors. Not only the additional sensor on each side of the boom is providing extra safety, it is also offering the possibility to keep Boom Guide active during a partly folded in boom or for a reduced working width.
  • Ease of use: the iXter B sprayer range is designed with focus on ease of use, intelligent electronics and environmental protection to grow the best crops.
  • Precision spraying: The suspended boom lift on the iXter B combines optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations, securing correct crop coverage.
  • Intelligent electronics: The iXter B mounted sprayer range in combination with iXspray is fully ISOBUS compatible as standard, which means easy plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or PRO or any other AEF certified terminal. The innovative iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantees an user friendly operation of the sprayer.
  • Connectivity: the first step into the world of connectivity with our IsoMatch applications. Connect yourself easily to your machine with IsoMatch FarmCentre, IsoMatch TopService or IsoMatch TopRemote.

Technical Specifications

iXter B B10 B13 B16 B18
Nominal tank capacity 1000 (l) 1300 (l) 1600 (l) 1800 (l)
Maximum tank capacity 1100 (l) 1450 (l) 1800 (l) 2000 (l)
Chemical inductor 30 (l)
Clean water tank 180 (l)
Hand wash tank 18 (l)
Pumps 150/200/260 (l/min)
Regulation Systems FMC / IsoMatch Grip in combination with IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS terminal
iXclean iXclean Comfort or Pro

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