Vicon iXter A

The new mounted sprayer with tank volumes of 800, 1000 and 1200 litres. There are two different boom types available the HOSA (12 and 15 metres) and HC (18, 20 and 21 metres).

The Power of Simplicity

The iXter A will be added to the Vicon mounted field sprayer range. The iXter A is available with 800, 1000 and 1200 litre tank capacity in combination with two different boom types: the HOSA aluminium spray boom (12-15m) and the HC boom (18-20-21m). Pumps are available with capacities of 100, 150 and 200 l/min. The iXter A is an easy to operate sprayer with the control panel, chemical inductor, hand wash tank and clean cloth locker all on the same side of the sprayer. Operation can be made via the easy-to-use FlowMate Control spray computer.

The Advantages

  • HC steel booms or HOSA aluminium boom available
  • Close gravity point to the tractor
  • Fully integrated concept, including control panel
  • iXclean: every litre counts!

Technical Specifications

iXter A A8 A10 A12
Nominal tank capacity 800 (l) 1000 (l) 1200 (l)
Maximum tank capacity 965 (l) 1185 (l) 1395 (l)
Chemical inductor 30 (l)
Clean water tank 130 (l)
Hand wash tank 18 (l)
Pumps 100/150/200 (l/min)
Regulation System FMC
iXclean iXclean

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