Vicon Forage Equipment

Plain Disc Mowers

Plain Mowers - VICON EXTRA 117 - 122 - 124 - REAR MOUNTED MOWERS, quiet during operation and maintenance friendly

Vicon EXTRA 117 - 122 - 124 - Rear Mounted Mowers

Compact side mounted Vicon disc mowers

Working width of 1.70-2.40m


Vicon EXTRA 228 - 232 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Side mounted plain Vicon disc mowers with working angles of up to 35°.

Working widths of 2.40, 2.80 & 3.20m 


Vicon EXTRA 328 - 332 - 336 - 340 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Centre suspended disc mowers up to 125° vertical transport position

Working width of 2.8-4.0m

Plain Mowers - Vicon EXTRA 332XF, designed for narrow swathing and wide spreading, first front disc mower with with an actively driven swath former

Vicon EXTRA 332XF - Front Mounted Disc Mower

The EXTRA 332XF is the first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and wide spreading.

Working width of 3.20m


Vicon EXTRA 328F - 332F - Front Mounted Disc Mower

Front mounted plain disc mowers with low weight and very responsive headstock design.

Working width of 2.80-3.20m


Vicon EXTRA 390 - 395 - Rear Mounted Disc Mowers

Vicon Disc mower butterfly combinations with low weight and high working width.

Working width of 8.70-9.50m

Mounted Mower Conditioners


Vicon EXTRA 624T - 628T/R - 632T Farmer

Centre mounted suspension and up to 125° vertical transport position.

Working widths of 2.42, 2.84 and 3.18m

Nylon tine conditoning

Vicon EXTRA 632T Pro - Rear Mounted Disc Mower Conditioner

Centre Mounted Hydraulic Suspension with steel tine conditioning

Working width of 3.2m 

Mower Conditioners - VICON EXTRA 690T BX - TRIPLE MOWER COMBINATION, folded for safe, compact and efficient transportation on road

Vicon EXTRA 628FT - 632FT - 632FR - 635FT - 635FR - Front Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners

Front mounted Vicon mower conditioners with steel tines or roller conditioning.

Working width of 2.80, 3.20 and 3.50m

Mower Conditioners - Vicon EXTRA 687T - Efficient Butterfly Mower Combination, low weight with tripple mower conditions for high efficiency during field operation

Vicon EXTRA 687T - Efficient Butterfly Mower Combination

Low weight Vicon triple mower conditioner. 

8.75m working width at only 2.130kg

Nylon tine conditioning

Mower Conditioners - VICON EXTRA 690T BX - TRIPLE MOWER COMBINATION, folded for safe, compact and efficient transportation on road

Vicon EXTRA 690T BX - Triple Mower Combination

Butterfly combination with Swath belt, ISOBUS control and steel tine conditioning.

Working width of 9.00m  

Mower Conditioners - VICON EXTRA 736T VARIO- REAR MOUNTED MOWER CONDITIONERS, Machine of the year 2017, optimal ground preasure and vertical transport solution for safe and efficient movement

Vicon EXTRA 732T/R-736T

All-new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept for Mower conditioners

Working widths of 3.18 - 3.50m.

SemiSwing steel tine conditioner or roller conditioner.

Vicon EXTRA 736T Vario- Rear Mounted Mower conditioners

QuattroLink racecar suspension - Vario arm with 400mm hydraulic adjustment of overlap

3.50m working width

SemiSwing Steel Tine conditioner

Mower Conditioners - VICON EXTRA 732FT - 732FR - 736FT - 736FR FRONT MOUNTED MOWER CONDITIONERS, new and comfortable ideas to the machine with a maintenance friendly design

Vicon EXTRA 732FT - 732FR - 736FT - 736FR Front Mounted Mower Conditioners

New generation of front mounted mower conditioners with SemiSwing or roller conditioner.

3.20 or 3.50m working width.

Mower Conditioners - VICON EXTRA 7100T VARIO - 7100R VARIO - EFFICIENT BUTTERFLY MOWER COMBINATION, outstanding performance with new QuattroLink suspension

Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario - 7100R Vario - Efficient Butterfly Mower Combination

All-new innovative butterfly mower with new QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of working width and overlap

9.80-10.20m working width

 SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioning


Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario BX - 7100R Vario BX

Butterfly mower combination with BX belt solution, QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of overlap and working width.

9.80 - 10.20m working width

SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioner

Trailed Mower Conditioners

Mower Conditioners - Kverneland EXTRA 900, Unique Suspension providing Outstanding Ground Following

Vicon EXTRA 924T - 924R - 928T - 932T - 932R - 936T - 936R - Trailed Disc Mower Conditioners

Trailed mower conditioners with left hand drawbar and SemSwing steel tines or rubber roller conditioner.

Working widths of 2.40, 2.80, 3.20 and 3.60m


Vicon EXTRA 932CT - 932CR - 936CT - 940CT - Trailed Mower Conditioners With Centered Pivot Drawbar

Trailed mower conditioners with centre pivot drawbar, steel tine or roller conditioning.

Working widths of 3.20, 3.60 and 4.00m



Vicon Andex 323-353-394-424T-434-474T

CompactLine single rotor rakes with a maintenance-friendly system.

Working width of 3.2-4.7m

Single Rotor Rakes - VICON ANDEX 424-464, ProLine Gearbox technology for efficient performance

Vicon Andex 424-464

ProLine single rotor rakes

Working width of 4.2m and 4.6m

Double Rotor Rakes - VICON ANDEX 705 EVO - 705 VARIO, high performance and TerraLink Plus cardanic rotor providing improved quality of forage

Vicon Andex 644M

NEW CompactLine mounted version with working width of 6.4m

Double Rotor Rakes - VICON ANDEX 644-724-724 HYDRO-764, cost efficient and strong frames for a long lifetime also CompactLine maintanence friendly gearbox

Vicon Andex 644-724-724 Hydro-764

CompactLine versions

Working widths between 6.2m and 7.8m 

Double Rotor Rakes - VICON ANDEX 804-844-904 HYDRO-904 PRO, high performance also under though conditions cause by a strong carrier frame

Vicon Andex 804-844-904 Hydro

ProLine versions

Working widths between 7.0 and 9.0m  

Four Rotor Rakes - VICON ANDEX 1304 PRO, super efficient in use during field operation with ISOBUS option

Vicon Andex 1304 PRO

Andex 1304 as Pro Model with new functionalities


Vicon Andex 1505

Heavy duty four rotor ProLine version and ISOBUS control

Working width between 9.80-15.00m


Mounted Tedders - VICON FANEX 464 - 524T - 524, easy to use gearbox and low maintenance and dobbel bearings

Vicon Fanex 464 - 524

Compact tedders with low maintenance

Working width of 4.6-5.2m

Mounted Tedders - Vicon Fanex 604 - 804, ideal for hay making also low weight and low power requirments

Vicon Fanex 604 - 804

Compact tedders - ideal for hay making

Working width of 6.05-8.05m 

mounted tedders - VICON FANEX 554-684-764-904-1124, Central adjustment for border spreading keeping the crop inside the field.

Vicon Fanex 554-684-764-904-1124

New Generation of heavy duty mounted tedders - strong driveline - compact transport dimensions

5.5, 6.8, 7.6, 9.0 and 11.2m working width

Tedders, Trailed - VICON FANEX 1404C, easy to use in operations and also works with low power tractors

Vicon Fanex 1404C

Carrier frame tedder

Working width of 13.3m 

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