Vicon Bale Equipment

Round Balers


Vicon FastBale

Non-stop fixed chamber baler-wrapper combination.


Vicon RF 4325

Full roller fixed chamber baler with a bale diameter of 1.25m


Vicon RV 5216 - 5220

High performance variable chamber balers with the PowerBind net wrap and Intelligent Density 3D

Bale diameter from 0.60m up to 1.65 and 2.00m


Vicon RV 5216 - 5220 FlexiWrap

Baler wrapper combination with variable chamber baling concept.

Bale diameter from 0.60m up to 1.65 and 2.00m

Round Bale Wrappers

VI_BW 2100_ 008.jpg

Vicon BW 2100

Three-point Mounted Turntable Wrapper

VI_BW 2400_ 001

Vicon BW 2400

Turntable round bale wrapper for bales up to 1200kg


Vicon BW 2600

Heavy Duty Trailed Turntable Wrapper

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