iXclean Pro saves time and boosts output

When the time came to change his tractor-mounted sprayer, Herefordshire grower Tim Pennington had a short list of two – and a visit to a Vicon Crop Care event gave an opportunity to find out more about one of his preferred choices. 

“I liked the vertical boom folding for the mounted sprayer – it leaves tractor cab access unhindered and also allows half-width boom folding for awkward areas,” he says. “And then I found out about iXclean Pro and the deal was done.”

His B1300 isobus equipped sprayer and 24m HC vertical folding boom was supplied through Kellands, and included the very latest in fully automatic rinsing and cleaning. iXclean Pro is a revolutionary cleaning process from Vicon that rinses out the entire sprayer – tank and boom lines - in just eight minutes, at the touch of a button. The process uses the minimum amount of clean water to ensure all aspects of the sprayer are comprehensively cleaned. With 135ha of combinable crops and a vineyard at Lulham Court Farm, Madley, Hereford, Mr Pennington frequently changes between crop types and chemicals, which highlights the importance of fast and efficient sprayer cleaning.

“iXclean Pro gives me total peace of mind,” he says. “Being able to clean so quickly and thoroughly saves me a lot of time – time I can use to continue spraying.”
“Even with All Clear, it used to take me up to two hours to clean my previous sprayer.”

He also has praised for the iXter sprayer’s auto tank filling system, which automatically stops when the required liquid has been pumped into the tank.
“Despite its sophistication, the Vicon iXter is a surprisingly simple sprayer to operate,” he says. “
“We like to buy technology and innovation that will help us to become more efficient with what we do,” he says. “And with scope to expand using isobus, I’ll probably upgrade to Starguide 3, giving auto stop/start and automatic section control.”

6th October 2014

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