Vicon T-Rex - High Capacity Silage Trailers

Versatile wagons with capacities of 40-55m³

The Vicon T-Rex silage trailers are purpose built as heavy duty machines with plenty of power and efficiency. Add in features such as the Superstructure chamber, large dimensioned chain-and-slat conveyor and spring loaded boogie axles, and the result is a wagon beyond comparison. The T-Rex wagons are available with capacities of 40-55m³ and an array of options to customise them to local requests and conditions.


Large capacity and fast unloading are decisive factors when setting up a cost-efficient harvesting system. The T-Rex transport wagons are designed to match these requirements and are recognised by massive capacity, large loading volume, and high discharge speed. As these factors to a large extent determine the efficiency of the harvesting process, the Vicon silage wagons T-Rex 400-450-500-550 are the ideal machines for a high number of transport tasks. With capacities of maximum 40-45-50-55 m³ respectively and loading capacities of 22, 24 and 34 tons, they contribute to an optimum harvesting process.

New Dimensions   The T-Rex silage trailers are stronger than ever and designed to handle the harshest conditions. They feature heavy duty side walls made of galvanised powder painted steel plates. The heavy duty chain-and-slat conveyor is design to bear even the heaviest of loads. In combination with the wide tail gate it ensures fast and efficient unloading, increasing the amount of time that can be spent in the field. In addition the T-Rex can be fitted with two discharge rollers, providing a uniform and even mat when unloading the material.

Boogie Axles   The T-Rex is fitted with parabolic spring loaded boogie axles. The asymmetric mounted springs and wide distance of the suspension ensures that both axles are levelled or balanced at any time. This provides even weight distribution with the load evenly distributed on all four wheels. This makes the T-Rex easier to pull, and reduces soil compaction and tire wear when operating in the field. In addition the T-Rex is fitted with steered wheels, improving manoeuvrability when space is limited. The giant T-Rex 550 is fitted with a hydraulic tridem axles and power steering.

Hydraulic brakes are standard on the T-Rex series, but the air brake system is available as an option. The wagons are designed for up to 60 km/h.

21. January 2013

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