Vicon EXTRA 7100T GEOMOW - Optimise Your Output and Precision

GEOMOW transforms the Vicon EXTRA 7100 Vario into an easy-to-operate mower and makes mowing so much smarter. The all-new Vicon GEOMOW application gives you full support with automatic headland lift via section control and makes steering and control so much easier for the driver.

Section Control – Control the Headland
GEOMOW provides section control for automatic headland operation. It eliminates the hassle of timing headland lifts and provides an even more efficient mowing job. GEOMOW removes the risk of mistakes when lifting mowing units too early and lowering them too late.


GEOMOW Means Full Support to the Driver
When reaching the end of the field, the front mower is automatically raised as it hits already cut grass on headlands, and the rear units are automatically lifted as well, at exactly the right time. The driver can concentrate fully on turning as quick and efficiently as possible. The same goes when reaching the unmown grass, the front and rear mowing units lower at exactly the right time.


In further combination with tractor Autosteer, the potential for efficiency gain is massive and controlling the headland has never been this easy.

12th June 2018

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