Prepare Airy Swaths with a Disc Mower

The Vicon EXTRΔ 332XF has set a new standard for swathing with a plain disc mower. It allows you to prepare airy, fluffy swaths without the need of a conditioner. The mown crop is placed into a box-shaped airy swath, supporting faster drying of the crop and easier pick-up.

Vicon EXTRΔ 332XF Prepares a Clean and Airy Swath
The EXTRΔ 332XF leaves a fluffy box shaped swath, and is not just dropping the mown crop onto the ground. Also the EXTRΔ 332XF is not moving two swaths next to each other like drum mowers can be doing, but places the crop into one even and airy swath. This significantly speeds up the drying process and prepares the swath for easy pick-up or turning with a rotary tedder.

The crop is not touching the ground, but moved as it is cut, leaving no chance for dirt or soil being mixed up with the swath. The auger immediately moves the crop away from the discs, inviting for excellent cutting performance. Each side of the auger is working in combination with a guide plate, that efficiently transports the crop to the middle without any crop loss or crop pollution.

A nicely prepared and airy swath – perfect for immediate pick-up by a wagon.

Vicon EXTRΔ 332XF Will Do Narrow Swathing as Well as Wide Spreading.
With the option of 3 different swath widths and wide spreading of up to 2.20m the EXTRΔ 332XF offers exactly the flexibility that most farmers are looking for: a narrow swath that will go well in-between the tractor wheels and wide spreading for faster wilting of crop. Even high volumes of crop are able to pass through, providing extremely high capacity. 

28. April 2015

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