FastBale has increased our output considerably

“Compared to our previous baler-wrapper combination, FastBale has increased our output considerably” John Clifford

Having been quick to see the benefits of baling and wrapping in one pass, the launch of the Fastbale non-stop baler-wrapper seemed to be the logical next step forward for FastBale user John Clifford, he says the purchase of a Vicon FastBale for the 2017 season brought about a big increase in productivity. “We have gone through the progression of combination balers over the years, and we have now got to the FastBale and it is definitely the future.”

Having made over 10,500 bales during the course of the season, John is well placed to judge the performance gains. “Compared to our previous baler-wrapper combination, FastBale has increased our output considerably”.

Saving the 15-20 seconds per bale normally spent applying net and ejecting the bale onto the wrapper with a conventional machine mounts up during a busy working day. The time savings are well appreciated by John, as his time is split between baling, while also coordinating the other contracting operations, as well as the busy repair and fabrication business.

John says that at first, working non-stop took a little bit of getting used to "but then you realise it is so easy, the machine is doing it all for you. You can sit there and enjoy it, it’s brilliant” he says. “You just sit there baling all day, relaxed”.

 “We are getting efficiency and productivity from it - non-stop baling is the way forward”.

Here you see D. Clifford and Sons FastBale in action:

Established in 1974, UK contractors D. Clifford and Sons, based at East Bridgeford near Nottingham in the East Midlands, offer a wide range of contracting services, aiming to provide a timely, efficient and professional service. To complement the contracting business, they also have an engineering facility which is able to offer repair, maintenance and fabrication services. They have long experience in the baling and wrapping business, having started contract baling 27 years ago and have been working with combination machines for over 20 years.  

11th December 2017

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