At the Centre of Control

Vicon’s new centre mounted disc mower, the EXTR∆ 336 offers 3.55m working width, centre suspension and 125° vertical transport position. The new disc mower is boosting improvements on a number of important areas.

EXTRΔ 336 in Short:

  • NonStop BreakBack.
  • 125o vertical transport position
  • Centre suspension
  • 540/1000 rpm gearbox
  • Fully welded EXTRΔ cutterbar with triangular discs. 

The EXTR∆ 336 is folded hydraulically into a 125° vertical transport position. The low gravity point during transport provides an excellent weight distribution, with the weight of the mower close to the tractor. Also the weight is distributed evenly to each side of the tractor, which protects both mower and tractor from excessive forces during transport. The tractor and mower remains well balanced even at high speed road transport. Transport height is limited, so passing through narrow gateways or under bridges is no problem.

The new EXTRΔ 336 models is centre suspended via a suspension spring, to give an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. Faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved because of the centre suspended design. The benefit is less skid wear and optimum protection of the stubble.

The EXTRΔ 336 is factory fitted with the option of being operated with either 540 or 1000 rpm. It requires no additional accessories. All that is needed is to simply turn the main gearbox on the suspension 180°.

To offer maximum protection of the cutterbar the EXTR∆ 336 is fitted with the Vicon BreakBack feature. When encountering an obstacle, the BreakBack will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle, returning to its original working positon once the obstacle has been passed.


 29. October 2012


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